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Dog Eating Dog Food
Two dogs

Whether you have travel plans that don't include your pet or simply need to put them up for night, our comfortable and secure kennels are the perfect place for your furry loved one to stay! Dogs can sometimes get anxious without their family members, and our kennels are designed with your dog in mind to ensure that they feel safe and get the attention that they need. 

At Elke's House, we can accommodate dogs of any size and breed, including those that are:​

​- Older in age

- Have special needs

- Need medications or specific diets

- Require special attention or daily exercise  ​

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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
Dog in the Park
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Lawn Strip
Lawn Strip

A few important notes about boarding your pet...

Please feel free to bring your dog's favorite blankets, dog bed, or special toys. Changing your dog's diet could lead to an upset tummy, so please feel free bring your furry friend's regular food, either bagged in the exact portions or with directions, that you would like us to serve at each meal.

Your dog may be very social and want to play with other dogs staying at Elke's House, while others may need to be kept separate from other dogs. We will discuss this with you and perform a Temperament Test to ensure both the safety of your dog and our other canine guests. 

Click on the link to learn more!

This resource is the property of Patton Chapel Animal Clinic and is not affiliated with Elke's House

We take extra care to ensure your pet's safety and well-being. Some dogs, particularly those who have never been boarded before, may feel anxious being away from their pet parents. We pay close attention to your pet's mood and behavior, and make every effort to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Here is an excellent resource that explains stress and boarding.

Grey Cat
Cat in Basket
Cat in Basket

We also board cats!

At Elke's House, we also have accommodations for our feline friends! The cats who come and stay with us are boarded in comfortable cat condos in a separate room, away from our canine boarders.

Please bring any special items that your cat may need while staying with us and please let us know about any specific needs your cat may have so that we can provide the best care and comfort possible.   

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Sleeping Ginger Cat

Boarding Rates


$23 per night per kennel (one dog boarded in one kennel)

**An additional $15 per night to board two dogs in one kennel 

$46 per night with two dogs boarded two separate kennels 

We offer a discounted rate for boarding 7 or more nights:

$20 per night per kennel (one dog boarded in one kennel)

An additional $13 per night to board two dogs in one kennel


$15 per night per cat condo (one cat boarded in one condo)

**An additional $10 per night to board two cats in one condo

Drop off and pickup times are by appointment only.

Pickups after 6:30pm will be charged an additional night of boarding.

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